Caveat emptor!

In July 2016 I was contacted by Christian Tobler, a tango DJ from Zürich, Switzerland. Prompted by my articles on technical aspects of tango DJing, he published a series of notes, aimed to debunk each and every statement of mine. While some of his arguments are rather… well… arguable, and the overall tone may be considered quite offensive not only to me but to the tango community as a whole, I still feel necessary to provide a back-reference to his blog here.

Firstly, because it contains lots of useful references on the recording techniques of the Golden Age. Secondly, because, despite the difference in the approaches, both of us pursue the same goal – better sound quality on the milongas. And, thirdly, because having a balance of different opinions never hurts.

At the same time, I have absolutely no desire to provide any counter argument to Christian’s writings. My approach used to be and remains all the same – “try it for yourself, on your equipment, in your venue and see if it works for you”. If it does – adapt and use the tools and the techniques that I described. If it does not – I don’t see either a way or necessity to persuade you otherwise.

Here is the link to Christian’s blog (German only):