SE 4 TJ: Sound Engineering for Tango DJs

For Tango DJs or anyone interested in the basics of quality sound reproduction.

The seminar is packed with essential info on working with mixer, equalizer, optimizing your computer, understanding the basics of human sound perception, and, at the end, producing a pleasant, vibrant sound on your milongas.

Check out video introduction here: “Backstage with El Espejero”

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Full List of Topics

I. Sound Chain Components and Common Problems
II. Gentle Introduction to Psycho Acoustics
III. Anatomy of Passive Live Mixer
IV. Other Mixer Types (webinar only)
V. Preparing Mixer and Sound Chain
VI. Magic Tango EQ Curve (webinar only)
VII. Computer and Sound Card (webinar only)
VIII. Sound Check (webinar only)
IX. Questions and Answers

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Participants Feedback

Excellent webinar! Even for a non-DJ, very interesting and helpful … and good flow to the presentation! Well done. David Nock

Good job, Igor! Well structured & presented. My head is still smoking from so much information. The real work begins now in finding out more about everything you talked about. Very useful! Andreas Wichter

That was something to take a place in tango DJing history! The first technical seminar with well-structured information! Looking forward for the record! Thank you, Igor! Stanislav Kogan

Once again, thank you so much for the great seminar! Waiting for the materials to revising and hope the video will be available also to relook some moments! Hope to see you in Moscow! Anastassia Starosseltseva

Excellent Seminar Igor! You shared a lot of useful information that I need to know in order to work at various venues, each with perhaps their own unique set-up. Marquis Childs

Great seminar, Igor. Thank you so much for the time and the knowledge you shared with us. Looking forward to meeting you in person (maybe sometime in Europe) and to next seminar. Federica Tamburini

A superb DJ seminar, I would recommend to anyone new or old. Thanks you for so much food for thought as to how to offer the dancers even more quality. ….
Abrazos … Anthony Cronin

El Espejero is an excelent lector with a good sence of humor and has a deep knowledge of the mastering sound for tnago. Highly recommended! Andrejs Vilks

One day, I will walk fearlessly into any new venue, and I’m a big step closer to that day because of this useful webinar! Thanks so much for putting together all this information. Trud Antzée

This was very interesting, Igor! You addressed many questions that I came across in my DJ life. I’m looking forward to the material that you announced to send. Theresa Faus

Igor, thanks a lot, this webinar has really been GREAT and I have learned lots of new things! Expecting your material soon. Also hope to see you in person once. Alenka VA Tango

Thank you very much – fascinating, and very practical. Eleanor Durrant

Thank you for your time, Igor! The webinar was loaded with useful information. Els De Wilde

Thank you Igor for unravelling the subject of sound engineering for the milonga. Please don’t wait until you have new things to say – I’m sure there will huge interest in a re-run reminder. David Thomas

Just had a great webinar about sound engineering for tango DJs by Igor El Espejero. After years of work and hundreds of played milongas I finally started to understand something in the whole sound engineering side of our profession.
Thank you, Igor! Xenia Mikhailov