Fumando Espero

partitura-tango-fumando-espero“Fumando espero” was born in 1923, in Barcelona, Spain. Its parents were the composer Juan Viladomat and the lyricist Felix Garzo. Originally written for the theatrical play, the tango had  rather explicit lyrics that caught attention of Tania – a famous tango cancion singer, who introduced it to Buenos Aires in 1927. Rosita Quiroga was the first to record it in September of 1927, and the triumphal march of “Fumando Espero” began: Orquesta Tipica Victor, Francisco Lomuto, Francisco Canaro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Ignacio Corsini… but soon thereafter this delightful tango was completely forgotten, pretty much as its heroine, who falls asleep in the arms of her lover, while smoking, until several unrelated events happened in the course of the next 25 years…

Smoking is a pleasure, genial, sensual…
Smoking I wait for the man I love,
Behind the glass of pleasant windows.
And while I smoke my life is in suspension
Because puffing the smoke usually makes me drowsy.

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